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The Next Generation of Content Management.

DADI is a powerful, API-first content management solution for products of all sizes and scale. It enables real-time, personalized experiences driven by machine learning.

How it works

A ground up reimagination of content management, built on a breakthrough thought:

It's all just data.

The CMS is dead. Brittle, two-dimensional platforms have for too long imposed awkward workflow and same-content-for-all-users technology on the internet. But DADI is different.

It's a scalable, open source, API-first platform built to get digital product live in weeks, not months. It supports COPE to power myriad products across multiple devices and bring efficiency to editorial workflow. Plus, it builds in intelligence to decide who gets what – and when – to support improved audience retention, conversion and experience.

  • Next-generation CMS Get your content into the hands of your users, whether on mobile, tablet, games console, television or desktop.
  • Hyper-personalize Stop treating all users the same – give them editorial you know they will read and products you know they will buy.
  • Know your product Take the guess work out of development with market-leading analytics driven by facts and not averages.
  • Succeed faster DADI gives you the pace to get to MVP quickly and the tools to measure product performance as you iterate.
  • Open Source end to end Enterprise muscle without the fat – or the greedy licence fees.
  • Your product as CRM Manage (and target) every interaction with your users. Never miss a moment to build a positive relationship.
  • Used by businesses of all sizes

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    • WhatCar?
    • Empire Magazine
    • Virgin Limited Edition
    • Monocle

    Why developers love working with DADI

    • Awesome microservices

      “The individual components are great on their own, brilliant when put together.”

    • RAD for real

      “Products built with DADI are delivered in days and weeks, not weeks and months.”

    • MVP friendly

      “The DADI stack makes it much easier to work simultaneously on MVP tasks. It's not a factory line process anymore - we're all building and sharing progress as we go.”

    • Discrete technology

      “I want a reliable way of storing and delivering data without making assumptions or setting requirements for the rest of my project.”

    • It’s future ready

      “As an engineer, I need to be able to adapt to new things all the time. If my data management platform isn't capable of adapting with me, it'll slow me down.”

    • It’s lightening fast

      “DADI delivers the performance we need when we need it.”

    “Moving to DADI significantly reduced our infrastructure costs”
    Product Lead, Haymarket Consumer Media