A high-performance RESTful API layer designed in support of API-first development and the principles of COPE.

You can consider DADI API as the data layer within a platform (including the data model). It is designed to be plugged into a templating layer, a mobile application or to be used with any other data consumer.

Calls to a DADI API can contain your business/domain logic (the part of a platform that encodes the real-world business rules that determine how data is created, displayed, stored and changed). It has full support for searching, filtering, limiting, sorting, offsetting, input validation and data aggregation (Map-reduce).

DADI API provides a starting point that’s further advanced than a framework. It allows you to get a complete data layer up and running in minutes.

  • Built in support for oAuth2
  • Provides native document versioning at collection level
  • Supports static endpoints
  • Includes automatic indexing
  • Local and networked caching layer
  • Can be run in a clustered configuration
  • Search, filter and sort your data with ease
  • Collection-level access control
  • Automatic input validation
  • Support multiple databases connectivity
  • Automatic database indexing
  • Cache data responses using a shared Redis layer or the filesystem
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