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1st November 2017

DADI roadmap update – 01st November, 2017

After 10 months of hard work, DADI API 3.0.0 Beta is now available for testing. Plus, new releases for DADI Publish, DADI CLI and DADI Queue.
DADI API 3.0 is going through…

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30th October 2017

DADI Queue documentation

Docs for DADI Queue are now available under Check it out:

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30th October 2017

DADI Engineering team, now on Discord

We’ve shifted our community chat from Slack to Discord. Join us here:

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13th November 2017

DADI roadmap update – 13th November, 2017

DADI API - Release Testing and Auto-Documentation
We’re up to Release Candidate 2 for the version 3.0 release…

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19th October 2017

Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese now available in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese: &

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10th October 2017

12 month roadmap for DADI Web Services

Hot off the press:
Want to contribute to the work on this roadmap, or suggest new ideas? Volunteer yo…

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31st October 2017

10 months in the making, DADI API 3.0.0 Beta is available for testing now

Check it out now with npm install @dadi/api@3.0.0-beta
We’re very excited about this release as it brings huge performance gains to the platform along with a break from reliance…

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20th September 2017

The latest DADI roadmap update for your reading pleasure

18th September 2017
API 3.0 is almost with us, Web 4.0 has arrived and the MVP release of DADI Publish nears the end of its testing and review process.

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13th September 2017

DADI Web version 4.0.0 released

This release of DADI Web focuses on performance improvements and simplifying of the codebase. Part of this development was to take inventory of the dependencies being loaded and we’ve removed some…

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