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4th July 2017

Roadmap Update

DADI Web 3.0 released with support for multiple template engines, plus new features for DADI API

By James Lambie

4th July 2017


Version 3.0.0 was released today with support for multiple template engines. The result is a much leaner core, with templating functionality delegated to plugins that must be installed along with Web. We’ve included a DustJS engine by default and will shortly be publishing a guide to writing a template engine plugin to support your own favourite template language.

Issues resolved

  • #165: find matching routes after all middleware functions pass
  • #163: allow pages and partials to exist in subdirectories
  • #103: support multiple for template engines

Issues in progress

  • #155: support for HTTP/2 and asset push


Version 3.0 - API Data Connectors

With decoupled data storage functionality shifted to the release of Version 3.0 in a couple of weeks, we’re taking the opportunity to add a few more features into API. Some of the GitHub issues identified to become part of version 3.0 can be seen on the API Project board.

Issues in progress

  • PR #310: better errors from hooks