A writer’s window to the world of content creation. Flexible interfaces designed to optimise editorial workflow.

Screenshot of DADI Publish

A writer’s window to the world of content creation. DADI Publish is developed to optimize editorial workflow with flexible interfaces that adapt to your requirements, meaning more time can be spent making content than wasting time managing it. Journalists and content-makers can seamlessly manage output across multiple products from one place.

  • Extendable custom fields
  • Manage documents across multiple APIs
  • Intuitive in-browser editor with the simple drag and drop tool
  • Collaborative document editing
  • Background tasks to manage big-data operations, analytics and much more
  • Reports and alerts built-in (as email and text alerts)
  • Centralized media management
  • Detailed revision history tools with quick revert
  • Article publish scheduling
  • Setup and connect to your DADI API in 30 seconds
  • Custom user permissions for Editors, Engineers and Admin
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