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An ambitious project to combine multiple titles and editorial teams into a single solution with enhanced revenue streams.

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Each magazine site is derived from a unified codebase. (Grazia)


Grazia, Closer and Heat magazines were a disjointed digital portfolio using multiple content management and advertising delivery systems. Lifestyle.one sought to bring together these products into a single streamlined package.


The DADI platform drives all three titles from a single codebase, making small presentational adjustments for each brand requirement. Years of content was migrated into a single location with both advertising and editorial workstreams significantly enhanced.

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Heat World.

DADI worked closely with Bauer’s design team to quickly build and iterate on a front-end solution to accommodate various commercial and editorial requirements across the titles.

With content migrated we turned to content management, extending the DADI technology employed for Empire magazine bringing advantages in combined released and updates across four titles in the wider portfolio.

The result is a leaner digital product that is less hungry for resource in technical, commercial and editorial maintenance. It fosters cross-promotion and gathers an audience around the content portfolio with greater revenue opportunity.

“Products built with DADI are delivered in days and weeks, not weeks and months ”

Chief Technology Officer, Bauer Media

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Lifestyle.one case study image

Cross-site integrated search, tagging and celebrity database.