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What Car?

A fresh platform and product to optimize editorial workflow, increase user engagement and support new commercial opportunity.

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Whatcar.com responsive homepage.


What Car? was built on an ageing legacy platform that presented a brittle, desktop-only user experience with multiple disconnected editorial workstreams. New systems were required so that writers could spend more time on content than admin – and users could have a seamless experience across devices.


DADI technology delivers an API-first platform solution that abstracts content from presentation, meaning one pot of content and one editorial workflow can feed multiple digital products across desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Combining multiple data sources to reveal new insights.

Haymarket Media group chose to collaborate with DADI to deliver a rebuild of whatcar.com, which used a mix of ageing technology that placed excessive demands on editorial resource and provided a poor user experience.

Together key stakeholder groups were identified for the project covering editorial, commercial, data management and the end user. Discovery sessions then defined requirements for a new, iterative product roadmap – fixing the many shortcomings of the legacy platform and extending a 'reviews' website into a full car-buying service.

A new content store and management interface was developed, tailored to editorial workflow requirement and capable of powering desktop, tablet, mobile and future products from a single source. This was then integrated with an updated fully responsive front-end designed with future content personalisation in mind – based on usage data collected by the DADI platform.

“Moving whatcar.com to DADI significantly reduced our infrastructure costs ”

Product Lead, Haymarket Consumer Media

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Full screen image galleries showcase the great editorial photography.

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Design work for the much respected What Car? Car of the Year Awards.