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DADI technology releases your products from the grip of myriad third-party plug-ins attempting to shine a light on performance. It draws from a range of data sources to give you fast access to coherent, actionable insight.

DADI Track doesn’t deal with averages, it monitors right down to the individual. This guarantees a single, accurate version of the truth presented in real time – and played back to your team using the customisable interfaces of DADI Visualize.

This means one dashboard for all your product reporting, which finds the signal in the noise of your data warehouse. It can easily be configured to export highly graphical, digestible reports on product performance, tracked against KPIs and product roadmaps.

DADI Track provides an instant-on Big Data pipeline for your products:

  • Real-time traffic analysis
  • Multiple data source aggregation
  • Customisable user interface
  • Human language search
  • Actionable insight

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