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Talk to each of your users, not all of them.

Customer Relationship Management is about more than passive data storage. DADI technology brings new depth to understanding of real time customer behaviour and provides the tools to act upon the detail – so you know the when, how and why of contacting your users.

DADI People powers segmentation in the anonymous and known space – and together with DADI Identity guarantees uniqueness of individuals. This means the first paint goes onto the picture of your users from the moment they first arrive, delivering a richer profile and actionable insight.

Working in tandem with other DADI platform components, People allows you to define a blended CRM strategy that reaches beyond simple email and push notifications into a world of content personalisation across multiple devices.

DADI People is our customer relationship management tool, providing:

  • Real-time feed of customer information
  • Aggregates full set of customer interactions
  • Fully customisable
  • Delivers actionable insight
  • Simple data exports

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