Rebuilt website and content management to streamline user experience and editorial workflow – all delivered against the clock.

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Fully responsive homepage.


Empire was suffering with poor user experience and bringing headaches to its editorial team. It needed a design refresh and content management reboot – and there was only 12 weeks to do it.


A mix of DADI microservices rapidly delivers a new mobile responsive website driven by easy-to-use content management interfaces. It lays the ground for iterative evolution in co-development.

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Early design concept work.

Bauer chose DADI technology for its Empire refresh in Summer 2015 and delivered a fully rebuilt site before the leaves turned yellow in Autumn.

The new product is an API-first built in support of lean editorial workflow, clutter-free user experience across multiple devices and enhanced SEO functionality. The project was initially defined as a minimum viable product and after the launch phase moved into continuous iteration measured against usage data.

DADI is now working with Empire on a release to include the latest version of Publish and is rolling out platform technology across other titles in the Bauer portfolio.

“The DADI platform provides unique and market-leading SEO functionality ”

Head of Search, Bauer Media

Empire case study image

Integration with Themoviedb.org allows editors to select high quality images easily.

Empire case study image

Hub pages allow content to be organised around titles.