A new platform built in support of single user and subscriber view – and to power a full suite of digital product from browser to app.

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Site-wide solution: from the homepage to the shopping cart.


Monocle digital products were driven by a disconnected platform with no correlation between magazine subscribers, shop customers and website users. A new solution was needed to facilitate single subscriber view across web and mobile – and drive a focussed CRM strategy.


The DADI platform underpins a new data driven strategy that identifies the individual and optimizes user experience, delivering an 88% increase in visitors, 49% more registered users, 25% greater shop sales and a 44% increase in paid subscribers – and inside six months.

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iOS app designed and built, pulling from a single API.

Monocle uses DADI technology to power an enhanced CRM strategy across print, digital, radio and retail. It pulls all user data into a single pot and works to provide a seamless data driven experience to rival the premium service found in physical Monocle stores.

A single user record supports registration with digital product, sign up to email bulletins, purchases made in the Monocle Shop plus both digital and magazine subscriptions. This has allowed for more targeted messaging which is more effective for both brand and users alike.

The DADI platform also manages editorial content across browser site and apps, while our enterprise support team has been working in co-development with engineers at Monocle offering support ranging from tech heavy lifting to UX and design – a partnership that has rewarded with several awards for its digital product.

“DADI technology made sense of our user data and enabled a premium online experience of the quality our readers find in print. ”

Head of Digital, Monocle

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Cross-device delivery of audio content, both real-time and on-demand.

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Integration with allows uploading of video content from the editorial interface.

Video overview of the site.