Virgin Limited Edition

A premium digital product worthy of exclusive luxury holiday islands and properties selected personally by Richard Branson.

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A single design system which adapts to each of the nine properties.


Virgin Limited Edition needed more than a brochure site to represent its unique mix of private islands, thrilling safaris and luxury properties. It needed immersive UX and seamless CRM.


DADI technology delivers flexible content management and premium user experience, plus a lightweight CRM that acts as the glue between booking engine, digital communication and face-to-face customer service.

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Small interative additions are scattered throughout the site.

Virgin Limited Edition uses DADI technology to power content management and manage relationships with its users. It's an API-first build assembled and managed by the DADI enterprise support team.

First priority was presentation – the site was planned, designed and built to immerse the user in property detail – but the DADI platform also allows flexible control over the way the content is presented, so the team can build individual templates without developer intervention.

Behind the scenes, a single user data store mixes information from multiple sources and provides a single version of the truth – vital for being able to tune a customer contact strategy for a demanding demographic.

“DADI has become an essential part of our growth strategy, building not only our ‘shop-front window’ website, but also helping us manage our customer data more intelligently ”

Director of Marketing, Virgin Limited Edition

Virgin Limited Edition case study image

High-resolution image galleries showcase the luxury experiences.

Virgin Limited Edition case study image

The Virgin Limited Edition blog lets vistors learn about the personality of each location.