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A schemaless templating layer that can operate as a standalone platform or with API as a full stack web application.

How to install

  • Connect with REST APIs to generate data-driven pages
  • Search, paginate, sort and filter your data
  • Easily create static pages
  • Support for database-backed sessions

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DADI Web makes it easy to build custom enterprise-grade web applications. Easily create static pages or connect to APIs to generate data-driven apps giving you the power to search, paginate, sort and filter your data, on the server or in browser.

DADI Web can use a variety of templating languages, providing a simple yet powerful template layer for displaying your data. These include LinkedIn’s Dust, Pug or Handlebars – or you can easily craft your own.

Flexible template engine support

Use Web's default Dust.js template engine or swap in one for Pug.js or Handlebars.js – even craft your own!

URL Rewriting Support

Includes Apache-like URL rewriting, with full support for redirects and proxying.

Events Layer

Create custom JavaScript events to modify the request and response, or take action based on data loaded from a source.

Data from anywhere

You're not limited to using DADI API - serve data from static Markdown files or retrieve feeds from Twitter and Wordpress.

Preload Data

Speed up access to commonly required data by preloading it when the application boots.

Cache pages for faster retrieval

Cache data using a Redis server or the local filesystem, providing faster response times to users. Includes full support for Cache-Control headers.

DADI Web services

Connected web services that can be used in varied combinations – including alongside other technology.


A high-performance RESTful API layer designed in support of API-first development and the principles of COPE.

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A writer’s window to the world of content creation. Flexible interfaces designed to optimise editorial workflow.

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A just-in-time asset manipulation and delivery layer designed as a modern, global content distribution solution.

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A schemaless templating layer that can operate as a standalone platform or with API as a full stack web application.

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Real-time, streaming data layer providing accurate metrics at individual and product level. Drives DADI Identity.

Q1 2018


A data visualization interface for Identity and Track, but capable of taking data feeds from virtually any source.

Q2 2018


Guarantees uniqueness of individuals – and powers segmentation – for anonymous and known users.

Q1 2018


Taxonomic framework for automated content classification through machine learning. Plugs into Publish.

Q3 2018


A machine learning layer that predicts user behaviour at an individual level based on past interactions.

Q3 2018


A lightweight, RSMQ-powered asynchronous task queue featuring simple task routing and throttling.

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A cloud storage solution for all types of data, with built-in security, privacy and redundancy.

Q1 2018

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