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A modern content management platform, built in support of the principles of API first and COPE.

DADI is architected in stark contrast to traditional monolithic systems. It's designed to support your digital product, not force you to fold your requirements into it – and to improve workflow for engineers, editorial staff, production teams and product managers alike. It's fast to market, too.

DADI is built on Node.JS and MongoDB and provides a series of self-contained service layers which can be run independently or as a whole. You can also think of it as a shopping list – use the services you want alongside your existing tech, or take everything wholesale. We publish our roadmap so you can see what's coming up to extend the platform capability.

DADI is unique in its approach to data: the entire platform is built to facilitate Data Driven Experiences. It enables the concept of the individual at the heart of the platform, creating real-time, person-level taxonomies of interest, and providing multiple actionable data points to enable the construction of individual-specific experiences.

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Secure by default

DADI is a proven, secure platform that stands up to the most critical vulnerabilities to prevent the worst from happening. Organizations rely on DADI for mission-critical sites and applications, testing its security against the most stringent standards.

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Always moving forward

DADI has been in active development since 2014. There are an average of 22 commits every single day, ranging from minor bug fixes to incremental steps towards the creation of major new functionality. We welcome community direction on all features.

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Why developers love working with DADI

  • Awesome microservices

    “The individual components are great on their own, brilliant when put together.”

  • RAD for real

    “Products built with DADI are delivered in days and weeks, not weeks and months.”

  • MVP friendly

    “The DADI stack makes it much easier to work simultaneously on MVP tasks. It's not a factory line process anymore - we're all building and sharing progress as we go.”

  • Discrete technology

    “I want a reliable way of storing and delivering data without making assumptions or setting requirements for the rest of my project.”

  • It’s future ready

    “As an engineer, I need to be able to adapt to new things all the time. If my data management platform isn't capable of adapting with me, it'll slow me down.”

  • It’s lightening fast

    “DADI delivers the performance we need when we need it.”

“Products built with DADI are delivered in days and weeks, not weeks and months.”
Chief Technology Officer, Bauer Media