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Data driven development

Get your product to market in days and weeks, not weeks and months. And get it right.

Focus groups, user testing and audience surveys are one way to ensure a product fit for your audience. But DADI technology places user data at its heart, which means from the minute you get to market you have realtime feedback on product performance.

This accurate lens on usage frees product development from the hearsay of small sample groups – you can get your MVP in front of your target audience fast and have the confidence to iterate quickly based real data that reaches way beyond Google Analytics.

Trying to launch a ‘finished’ product from behind closed doors is dependent on assumption. With DADI you can treat products as if alive – nurture and adjust against a KPI-driven roadmap based on what actually works, rather than gambling on the ‘hit and hope’ big bang release.

A simple, iterative process. It's all about the MVP, baby.

MVP Process

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